Tony Wolski


I’m a software/devops engineer with twenty years of experience, currently available for new projects via my company Yvant.

I started out as a Java developer but gravitated towards continuous delivery, process improvement and automation (apparently now called DevOps). I focus on getting code into production as fast and safe as possible.

Most recently I’ve been working with AWS, Terraform, Docker, Node.js, Groovy and MySQL. However, over the years I’ve built up experience with a wide array of cloud platforms, programming languages, automation tools and practices. I’m more a generalist than a specialist.

Why hire me Yvant?



HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate


Conveyancing Quote System

A conveyancing quoting system built for law firm in Cardiff in 2012.

Who I’ve Worked For

Hodge Bank

Secure Code Warrior

Apex Data Solutions

Target Group

DW International (aquired by Airbus)



Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority