Tony Wolski

Weeknote 2022-01


Welcome to 2022! A new year used to be more significant for me; I'd set goals and resolutions. Now I'm older and wiser have so many years under my belt I tend to think of a new year less as a milestone/fresh start and more as a trigger to work on my systems. It's all about the process, not setting lofty goals.

We bought a new TV to welcome in the new year. I pushed back on this for a long time because I think our existing TV is good enough and I don't watch it much anyway. But with no end to the prodding in sight I finally relented. We didn't go overboard with size or specs, settling on a 43 inch Sony Bravia. It's bigger and brighter than our 11 year old Bravia, and the family is happy. I have to admit it is much nicer to watch. We got FIFA 2022 Legacy Edition on the Nintendo Switch for Christmas and I may have snuck in a few games after the kids have gone to bed ;-).

I think I had chemical depression on Monday. We had friends over on Sunday for a Covid-delayed Christmas celebrations. A great night, but I drank more than I normally do and paid the price. Note to self for 2022: remember why you had a year off alcohol a few years back? Keep those reasons in the forefront of your mind.

I stopped writing in my journal this week, not intentionally. I've religiously bullet journalled for three years now, but my last entry was Tuesday 4th. I guess I've just been busy, and the lack of routine over the Christmas break means I don't sit down to reflect in the evening. I'm writing more in Emacs and have started organising things with Org mode so there's some overlap there that I don't want to duplicate. I'm hopeful there is a middle ground between paper and digital organisation, but it may take some time to find it.

On the business front I mostly worked on getting Yvant's website finished off. There was lots of back and forth between Iván and I on content, layout and styling; lots of differing opinions. What we expected to take a few days, at most, has dragged on for a good few weeks (months if we're honest). But being the public face of our company it's important we get it right.

We're still waiting to hear about our application to be come a co-operative. Hopefully we'll learn something before the end of January. In the meantime we're starting our marketing/networking drive to drum up our first project. I've become more active on the Slack channel and making a few good contacts there.

I applied for and was accepted into's Climate Change: Learning for Action course, a 12-week climate education and solutions bootcamp. I've heard good things about it through the community, and I'm sure I'll learn lots and make some good friends and contacts.

I really upped my use of Emacs this week. I'm slowly transitioning my digital life into it, piece by piece. It has been painful at times, but my Emacs keybinding knowledge and muscle memory is slowly building. This week I installed and configured mu4e so that I can manage email in Emacs. I also started using Agenda, Capture and TODO Items. I tried to set up Password Store as an Emacs auth-source but without any luck. I'll have to revisit that one.