Tony Wolski

Weeknote 2021-44


We (Yvant) continued working through the thirty day tail period for one of our clients, preparing a system for production we previously worked on last year. Specifically for me this has involved upgrading and Elastic Beanstalk environment from Amazon Linux 1 to 2. It hasn’t been as straightforward as I’d anticipated. I’m currently stuck on an unexpected EOF error when pulling our private ECR Docker image which only occurs on the new Amazon Linux 2 instances.

This week was also significant for Yvant as a business, or Co-operative, as we held our first in-person meetup. Iván, Ethel (our potential third member) and myself met in Pamplona for two days of brainstorming, planning, getting to know each other and where we’re headed. It was an exciting — and at the same time exhausting — couple of days. We worked hard but also enjoyed great food, wine and lots of laughs together. It is early days and there is lots of hard work ahead. But I feel like we’ve chosen and are headed in the right direction. I’m optimistic.

The kids started back at school, although I wasn’t at home to do school runs. I’m writing this on the train from London to Cardiff, the last leg of a long day of travel back from Pamplona. I won’t get to see the kids before they go to bed tonight, so I’m looking forward to seeing them in the morning.