Tony Wolski

Weeknote 2021-43


This week I started working with a client we did some work for last year. They’re nearing a production release and have triggered the 30 day tail period built into the contract to help them go live. We (Yvant) are making sure the system is ready before zero day, and monitoring it and resolving issues for two weeks after.

As we approach our first company ‘retreat’ in Pamplona next week, Iván and I had a session comparing notes on our values and mission. Separately we answered a number of questions regarding the direction of the company, what we need from it personally and financially. Then we came together to compare notes. It’s comforting to know how aligned we are, at least at these early stages.

I started taking cold showers again. I’m not sure what triggered this, or what made me stop in the first place. But they’re incredible, so I hope to keep them going indefinitely. Cold showers are such a natural energy boost, particularly in the morning. As the rest of the family is wearily rolling out of bed I’m buzzing.

This week was half-term so my wife and I had to juggle childcare. As a first, I organised a half day swap with one of the other families in our street, which benefited both sets of parents and the kids. We also visited family in mid Wales. They live in a huge old manor house called Penybont Hall. We spend lots of time outdoors whenver we visit, and they have my favourite lounge room in the whole world; toasty fire, comfortable recliner, red wine, great conversation. Bliss.

I discovered and read lots about Digital Gardens. I’ve always struggled to maintain a regular cadence in publishing blog posts. They require a lot effort and usually take a long time, not things you have a lot of when you’re working full time, doing child admin etc. I’ve toyed with the idea of publishing different types of content but never settled on the right format, or layout, to adopt. Digital gardens may have opened my eyes to a solution.

At the recommendation of an friend I listened to Azeem Azhar’s Exponential View podcast episode Decarbonization by the Numbers. Really interesting and highly recommended.

I started freaking out getting concerned about Canberra property prices, now the second most expensive city in Australia. With a move back home on the cards next year, and with everything I’ve learned about financial independence, I’ve started to question whether Canberra is the right place for us.