Tony Wolski

Weeknote 2021-42


I continued trying to embed writing as a habit. 750 words. Every day. Most of it is just rambling, bashing out whatever is in my head in the moment. Sometimes I elaborate on a problem I’m struggling with. I also write about stuff that happens day to day. But this is just for me (though I may share one or two in the future as a this is how I work type post).

I’m continuing to use Emacs as my main editor. When I first started I’d forever be using vim keys and bindings to try and move around. Now, it’s the inverse; I’ve found myself using Emacs keys in vim. Iván took me through a Clojure session using Cider. Lots to learn.

I spent a lot of time resarching Worker Co-operatives. At Yvant we’re still working through what type of (Co-op) structure we should incorporate as, which governing documents to adopt. I read How to Start a Worker Co-op and countless blog and forum posts on the topic. We met with Siôn Whellens, and expert in setting up Co-operatives. Ivan met with LKS Group of Mondragon to try to understand how we might incorporate in Spain. Finally we submitted an application to The Hive to try and get some support.

I finished reading Leadership in Turbulent Times by Dorith Kearns Goodwin. Finally. I must have started this one over two months ago. Just goes to show how busy I’ve been over the last few months (or that I didn’t love this one). It was a good book built on incredible research, but one for which I couldn’t maintain any momentum. I’ve Started reading Courage is Calling by Ryan Holiday.

I’m improving my home workspace setup. I altered my daughter’s IKEA Micke Desk with a larger Linnmon table top, big enough to fit the Opal Living Stand Up Desk on it. The modifications went perfectly; always a plus when a DIY project works first time. I bought a Sedus se:joy ergonomic chair, returning the monstrous JÄRVFJÄLLET to IKEA as it looked hugely out of place in our living room, which is where I work at the moment.

I installed Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi and hooked it up to dual monitors. This is part of an ongoing plan (experiment) to adopt a remote workflow similar to one I read about in the console interview with John Kuzobik“A text only workflow doesn’t suffer (much) from working over a WAN link and it pleases me greatly to know that there is nothing of value on my laptop or workstation - if they were lost or stolen it would be temporarily inconvenient but not disastrous."

I attended my second session with Cardiff Volleyball Club. I love this game. Turns out I’m okay at it too. I was asked to join one of the mens teams that compete at regional level.

Covid. It’s here, there and everywhere. We did lateral flow tests for both kids this week. Thankfully they were both negative. But you suspect it’s only a matter of time before one of us gets it, as is happening amongst friends, neighbours, school classes, football teams etc.

I need to start saving interesting things I’ve read, watch or listened to, for posterity and interest’s sake. I really enjoyed Tim Ferris’ interview with Jerry Seinfeld; some real nuggets of wisdom about weight training, systematizing everything including your writing process. As always the Hamish & Andy podcast was great. I also listened to a couple more episodes of Tao of Wao poscast.