Tony Wolski

Website Carbon Calculator


I recently joined Climate, a community of tech workers using their skills to take and accelerate climate action. I’ve been welcomed warmly and have already found a couple of projects to help out with.

The slack channels offer a steady stream of great resources and discussion. A few things I discovered today: sustainable web design, sustainable web manifesto, website carbon calculator and eco grader.

I was particularly interested in testing out the website carbon calculator. The tool calculates — using a formula which factors in data transfer over the wire, energy intensity of web data, energy source used by the data centre, and carbon intensity of the electricity — a website’s carbon usage.

Naturally I entered this site, and was pleased to find that it is in the top 95% of web pages tested thus far, using only 0.04g of CO2 for each page load. Yay for me.

The site has a website carbon badge you can embed on your site to publicise its results…

Your thoughts? I'd love to hear them. Please get in contact.