Tony Wolski

OnePlus 2 fingerprint sensor not working? Turn off gestures


My OnePlus 2 fingerprint sensor stopped working about a month ago. I thought it must have been a delayed result of my 1 year old boy hurling it into the bath and it being submerged on the bottom for a good 5 seconds. But my wife was quick to react and rushed it to intensive care (a bowl full of rice), and after a couple of days — and to my surprise — the phone worked perfectly.

For the next week or so was convinced it would start to fail. And I was right; probably about 3 weeks post bath incident the fingerprint sensor died. I was disappointed, but with the backup of on-screen buttons it wasn’t the end of the world; it was still usable.

Tonight I looked into seeing if it could be fixed. The third hit on Google for my search for “oneplus 2 fingerprint sensor not working” came up with this:

I had the same problem. Try disabling gestures. It seems to alleviate the peoblem. Would still take the phone to the service centre to get it checked though

My first thought? Not. A. Chance.

But I was willing to try anything, especially if it didn’t involve the hassle of flashing, rooting, or reinstalling.

So I gave it a go… Gestures off. Turn off. Turn on.

And who would have guessed… it worked. And better yet, after turning gestures back on and the fingerprint sensor still works!

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