Tony Wolski

What I’m doing now

Working on climate change

I’m learning about climate change through‘s flagship course Climate Change: Learning for Action and working with the team at Yvant to help develop solutions to the crisis. And it is a crisis; we need to take urgent action.

Learning Emacs and Org Mode

I’m using Emacs and Org Mode as much as possible. I love the reduced context switching. I now use mu4e as my email client and am dabbling with Org Mode to manage projects, tasks and note taking.


I’m enjoying reading a lot more this year compared to the back end of 2021. I recently finished Early Retirement Extreme and have started on net positive.


Playing with the kids as much possible: card games before and after school, increasingly competitive 2-on-1 football matches in the garden. Volleyball, running, yoga, body weight workouts, shooting hoops to break up the work day.

Updated 25th February 2022.