Tony Wolski

What I’m doing now

Slowly but surely we’re regaining some of the freedom we lost in lockdown. In Wales, up to six people can now meet up outdoors and in private gardens so, coupled with the warmer weather, we’re doing as much in-person socialising as possible.

I’m working with my business partner to turn Yvant into a Co-op and a B-Corp. We want to build an organisation that is socially responsible, profitable and fun to work at. I’m also volunteering some time by working with Digital Humani, helping to develop their tree planting API (what they call Reforestation as a Service, or RaaS).

I’ve just finished reading A World Without Email and have started down the rabbit hole that so often presents itself after reading a great book. I’m now on Personal Kanban.

As always I’m spending as much time as I can with my kids. It’s not always quality time, but quite often junk time, but… it’s time. They’re much happier (and so am I) now that they’re back in school with their friends.

Updated 28th April 2021.