Tony Wolski

Laptop upgrade


Today I pulled the trigger on the purchase of a new laptop. Shit. I feel a little bit guilty sometimes for spending so big, because I’m pretty tight conservative when it comes to buying stuff (just ask my wife and friends). But as with all purchases this big, I find myself constantly questioning, and then trying to validate the spend… like I’ve got a devil on one shoulder saying “go on, you know you want to” and an angel on the other “you’re current laptop is just fine, you don’t need a new one." Today, finally, the devil won out.

I’m sure I’ll love it when it arrives, and the spend will be justified.

Considering these new Macbook Pros are notoriously difficult to upgrade after you buy them, I maxed out the processor and RAM (3.0GHz Dual-core i7 and 16GB)

Macbook upgrade

Note: I managed to get a bit of a discount through my work’s savings scheme.

My early 2008 Macbook black, although maxed out on all components (2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 128Gb SSD) and pretty performant for its age, it was beginning to struggle with some of the tasks I ask of it. And it sounds like an Airbus taking off when it starts doing something as simple as playing a Youtube video. Booting up a virtual machine with Windows to remote into work was just plain painful.

So as I venture into the world of Docker and Vagrant, and containerising my development and production environments, 16GB of RAM is going to help a LOT.

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