Tony Wolski

Keeping a Primefaces MenuItem active


In an application I’m currently writing using Primefaces, I’m using a menu and individual menuItems to navigate to different pages. I wanted to keep the menuItem representing the current page to remain selected. For example, if the current page was /admin/users.xhtml, I wanted something like this:

Primefaces menu open

After a little digging I found a neat little solution which only involved modifying the .xhtml file:

<p:menu style="width:90%;">
  <p:submenu label="Admin">
    <p:menuitem value="Users" outcome="users.xhtml" styleClass="#{view.viewId == '/admin/users.xhtml' ? 'ui-state-active' : ''}" />
    <p:menuitem value="Groups" outcome="groups.xhtml" styleClass="#{view.viewId == '/admin/groups.xhtml' ? 'ui-state-active' : ''}" />

Hope this helps anyone looking for a similar solution.

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