Tony Wolski

Getting from trapped to untrapped


I was putting the finishing touches on the blog post I wrote yesterday about enjoying a lifetime with a bit of work and found myself on Jay Austin’s blog reading his recent posts. Aside from the initial pang of jealousy I had about the amount of travel he enjoys, I was struck by a couple of quotes and how closely they aligned the direction I’m taking my life.

In his post Recap, Reboot he muses:

the little house wasn’t an ends, but a means: a means to live a clutter-free life and a debt-free life—and later, a carbon-free life—a house that wouldn’t tie me down with financial and physical and mental burdens

And later:

…about getting from trapped to untrapped, inhibited to uninhibited, about the big changes I’ve made-but-haven’t-actually-yet-written-about that have helped me live a more intentional life

Getting from trapped to untrapped… big changes that have helped me live a more intentional life. To live a clutter-free life and a debt-free life. These are the outcomes and ideals that occupy my mind, and I’ve begun writing about and working towards.

Another blog has just been added to my feed, and I’ll be looking forward to reading about the decisions and changes Jay made along the way..

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