Tony Wolski

CloudBees CD summit


I’ve just registered for the CloudBees continuous delivery summit in London on 9th September.

CD Summit

I’ve been drawn to continuous integration/delivery ever since I joined a company that had adopted zero continuous integration practices; I’m talking a fully manual process from commit, to build, to copy an artefact to a production environment. I implemented a number of improvements there, and brought that experience to my current company, but I still feel like I’m only just scratching the surface. So I was pumped at the prospect of a free seminar with what looks to be a pretty good lineup:

Time Session
8:00 Registration (includes continental breakfast)
9:00 The Business of Continuous Delivery - Kurt Bittner, Forrester Research
9:45 Orchestrating the Continuous Delivery Process - Steve Harris, CloudBees
10:30 Break
11:00 Automating Software Deployment: The Final Frontier - Andrew Phillips, XebiaLabs
11:45 Continuous Delivery in the Real World
12:30 Lunch (provided)
14:00 Jenkins for Continuous Delivery - Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CloudBees
14:30 Accelerating Application Delivery with Continuous Testing - SOASTA
15:00 Deployment Automation - MidVision
15:30 Break
16:00 Automating Infrastructure - Nick Barringer, Puppet Labs
16:30 Successfully Implementing Continuous Delivery - Mark Rendell, Accenture
17:00 Panel: Ask the Experts
17:30 Reception: Continuous Beer Delivery

I’m just a little bit optimistic that I might get to meet Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the creator of Jenkins. If I had one, he’d probably make my Wall of Legends.

You can check out the blog post about the summit here. All attendees get a copy of The Pheonix Project (although I’ve already read it). There’s no mention of the London event on either the web page or the blog post, but you can register for the event at Eventbrite.

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