Tony Wolski

April 2020 Reflection


Each month I go back over the notes in my bullet journal and pull out anything of significance: notes, quotes, patterns, lessons, achievements, things that have gone well and those that haven’t. I take what I learn and feed into the next month. It’s a ritual of continuous improvement, a cadence of accountability, that has served me well. In 2020 I’m experimenting with publishing my reflection notes. Here’s what happened in April (and March) 2020.

Hasn’t the world changed? The COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the world forcing most people in most countries into some form of lockdown. Day-to-day life is so different to what we’re used to; homeschooling, working 100% remote, social distancing. In some ways it has been difficult to adjust to lockdown (homeschooling certainly has a shelf life), but it also brings a lot of positives. The kids have adapted tremendously. They play so well together and have developed an even stronger sibling bond. Our relationships with them have also strengthened.

As lockdown loomed here in the UK I realised the kids would need a digital device each to do their school work, so we bought them each a Raspberry PI. The tiny computers have been invaluable in the first two months of homeschooling. We also made up some garden beds in our garden for the kids to grow their own vegetables. We planted carrots, onions and, as we do every year, strawberries. The kids, though, have barely looked at them.

I started a new business with a friend in March with a friend and ex-colleague. We named it Yvant. We’re a DevOps consulting company, but will also continue to work on a system I developed years ago, hopefully bringing a few more clients on board. We completed our first piece of work for our first client in April, an architecture assessment.

I exercised on 28 out 30 days. I’m in a really nice rhythm on the exercise front. I feel healthy, strong, flexible, and I’m now over a calf complaint that restricted my running in recent months. Just last week I ran 12km run without any issues, which felt great. Lockdown has had a positive impact in this respect. The extra time allows me to get my workout done in the mornings before sorting the kids out for homeschool, which means its done for the day before breakfast.

I read four books in March and April, much less than I aspire to. As the realities of the pandemic swept across the world I found it difficult to pull myself away from The Guardian and BBC News. I did, however, read these books:

April reading

I also wrote 2 blog posts:

The most notable pattern that emerged in March an April was how much I got sucked into reading COVID-19 news on my phone. I also had a couple of migraines as a result a few drinks, and so I’ve re-learned that, for me, drinking is not worth the risk of the migraine the day after, and I need to re-learn how to enjoy social occasions without it.

Some lessons I learned (or re-learned, because nothing ever sticks):

Weekly habit tracker

One final, but really important note, I repaired an old paddling pool with a bike tyre repair kits. At first glance this might not seem like much of an achievement, but after starting to read Yvon Chouinard’s Let My People Go Surfing I’ve realised that repairing is a radical act.

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